Share A Gospel Tract

Here we have provided a tract to introduce the doctrine of justification by faith to those in the Church of Christ. While we are hopeful this material will be useful in sharing the gospel with the good, moral and religious person who has yet to know they are still very much in need of a Savior, we are also hopeful this will be found helpful in sharing the gospel with those who are in the Churches of Christ as well.

Directions for use:

1. Printer properties: Print in BLACK & WHITE.

2. Left click on first image and print side A of tract.

3. Reinsert printed page in copier and print side B on back side. If printed correctly both sides of tract may be read without turning page upside down.

4. Trim off excess paper as needed along tract border.

5. Fold tract inward at dashed lines with title page at front.

Remember, this is a VERY REAL spiritual battle and is more about conversion and placing faith in Jesus Christ, rather than of religious argument and debate and you 'showing someone a thing or two.' Therefore remember to send out with prayer, motivated by genuine love and concern for others. While some have been called to plant and others to water, it is God who brings about the increase; He alone is the Lord of the harvest.

May God continue to bless you as you continue to share the wonderful Good News of His Son, Jesus Christ, to ALL those who will yet come and know and love such a Wonderful Savior.

* * *
New- "The Bible versus the Church of Christ" by James L. Meldon. A copy of this tract is available at:
New- "Does Water Baptism Save?" by Mitch Cervinka. A copy of this tract is available at:
New- "Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?" A critical analysis of the doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration by E. Calvin Beisner. Edited and transcribed to html by Joanne Ruhland. Pamphlet is available at:
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Church of Christ dilemma Ministry Tract- "Are You Good Enough For Heaven?"

Tract: Side A


Tract: Side B